Specialising in model railway, slot cars, vintage toys, vintage tech and sci fi from the 70s and 80s. Rescuing and restoring toys from yesteryear.

A selection of vintage Star Wars action figures.  Restorations included a through clean, handmade replacement capes, 3D printed accessories, hand painted touch ups and a 3D replacement right arm for the Dengar figure which was hand painted to match the rest of the armour.

Kenner 1980 Boba Fett Slave 1.  This toy came to me as dusty worn out shell.  The restoration included taking apart the entire model, cleaning with soapy water, retro-brightening each piece and then reassembling.   The model was given a buffed finished and replacement decals applied.  We were lucky enough to have all the original parts for this toy which was sold to a collector.

Kenner 1995 Power of the Force X-Wing fighter.   Restoration included a good clean.  The electronics needed resetting and rewiring.  An original canopy was sourced and amazingly I had four original cannons from past projects hanging around the workshop.  Replacement decals were then applied.  Offered as an original and fully working example which sold within 1 day to a collector.

1970s Action Man. Amazing to think that back before microchips and sampled sound, a tiny record player complete with turntable, stylus, speaker and some small vinyl records providing a selection of military commands could be placed into a toy.  The British military accent is a nice touch.  Action man was a big part of my childhood toy collection and is still very popular amongst collectors today. Both the field radio and motor cycle sold very quickly to new owners. 

Another example of a 1978 Kenner X Wing fighter.   This toy came to us as a box of dusty broken bits.  Restoration has included repairing the wing components so that they are complete, repairing the wing open & close mechanism, reproduction cannons, a reproduction engine & intake on the lower right wing, a new canopy hinge, a repainted R2 unit, replacement decals and a display stand.  The entire model has been cleaned and retro brightened to produce an out of the box look.  What once was a broken and forgotten toy is now a great display piece to be enjoyed for many more years. This item was presented on our online shop and sold the next day. 

A great example of a 1980 Kenner Rebel Snowspeeder.   This toy came to us as another dusty and incomplete example.  Restoration included creating reproduction rear engines, forward cannons, battery cover, canopy, harpoon rig and rewired electronics.  The entire model has been cleaned and retro brightened to produce an out of the box look.  A replacement set of decals was also added. Another model saved from the skip and can now be enjoyed. This item was presented on our online shop and sold the next day. 

Two examples of a 1980 AT ST Scout Walker.   These toys arrived as dusty and un-useable.  The leg mechanisms were out of adjustment and needed resetting.  Each component needed a thorough clean with soap and water, before putting back together whilst ensuring that the legs were set to the correct angle to ensure that the walking mechanism functioned as it should.  The models were given a fresh set of decals and one needed a replacement top cannon.  We were lucky enough to have an original box for one of the toys which was carefully cleaned and any sticky residue removed.  Both toys were listed and sold the next day to a buyer in Australia. 

Over the years, I've had various Scalextric cars and models.  Slot car racing was a firm favourite when I was growing up and I still remember having a circuit in our shed.    This Triang Scalextric Aston Martin DB4 came to us as part of an auction job lot and had seen better days.  It was given a good clean & service. After reassembling,  I added new tyres, decals and braids.  The car ran as good as new with working headlights & taillights.   This model was listed on our shop and sold within 3 hours. 

This 1970s Hornby breakdown crane has been another one of our successful projects.  The restoration included, a throughout good clean with warm soapy water, a complete respray of the crane body, new chain and chain brace, replacement decals and 3D printed reproduction crane stabilisers.  A replacement crane arm resting wagon was also sourced to complete the model and return it to fully working condition.

A departure away from toy restoration and me attempting to develop some new skills.  This petrol can came to us as a rusty forgotten item.  It was cleaned and degreased using WD-40 and then taken back to the bare metal to ensure a smooth finish.  The can was rinsed of any residue oil and a number of holes were patched with fibre glass filler which was sanded back.  A primer coat of paint was applied followed by 3 coats of British Racing Green top coat.  The screw cap was given a black finish to break up the colour scheme.  Finally a 'BP' decal was sourced and applied to the surface of the can. A final polish and this item sold 1 day after listing.  

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